Each year the counselors meet with every student through breakout sessions. The sessions are grade specific and are conducted three times a year for the sophomore and junior classes and four times for the seniors. By the time your student graduates they will have met with their counselor a total of ten times during these breakout sessions. Breakout sessions allow counselors to share vital information with students in a large group setting. Many of the sessions are centered around a specific theme and/or purpose. Students also receive their Progress Toward Graduation (PTG) which summarizes their credits and which they are encouraged to keep and share with their parents/guardians. For this reason alone it is very important that students attend each and every breakout session.

As a counseling staff we also believe that it is important that parents share in the information their students are receiving. Below you will find a the dates of the upcoming breakout for each grade and the agenda items that will be discussed.

Sophomores: September 12-13. Agenda:

Seniors: September 16-17.

  • Objective(s): 1) Students will be aware of necessary year-long, grade-level, requirements and procedures. 2) Students will understand the College and Career Readiness goals and objectives.
  • Terminology: College and Career Readiness; 1-2-4 Year program; FAFSA; ACT.

  • PTG Review

  • Credit Recovery Process.

  • Testing: ACT: October 26th deadline September 27th.

  • NCAA Requirements/Registering with Clearinghouse.

  • Citizenship Requirements.

  • Work Credit and Home Release

  • Diploma of Merit/Differentiated Diploma

  • Selective Service

  • Transcripts