What is UtahFutures?

UtahFutures.org is Utah's one-stop shopping for students to make education and career plans online. Students manage their Student Education Occupation Plans (SEOP) using Utahfutures.org in middle school and beyond. Students build this electronic education and career portfolio throughout life, and online access makes it easy for parents to get involved.

UtahFutures.org services are provided free of charge. Personal data entered by the user is not released to third parties without the user's express consent and direction.

Every Kearns High student already has an account created for them. To login into UtahFutures.org, a student will use his or her SSID number found on their PTGs (Progress Toward Graduation) as their username and password. Students may also obtain their SSID numbers from their counselors or from Travis Outly, the KHS College Access Adviser.

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Some of the awesome features of UtahFutures:

Education and Training
  • Programs of Study - allows you to search for schools that have the programs you're interested in studying
  • Scholarship Search - allows you to find scholarships that you are eligible for without the marketing advertisements of other scholarship search engines
  • Utah Schools - gives information about the colleges and universities located within the great state of Utah
  • ACT Prep - students have access to some great resources on UtahFutures for ACT Prep. For more information about UtahFutures ACT help, please click here.

Career Interest Surveys
  • Reality Check - answer questions about the lifestyle you want and the "Reality Check" will give you information about how much money you will need to make and which occupations are able to support that lifestyle.
  • Career Cluster Inventory - find out what your interests are and which occupations fall under your interests

...and much much more!!

Go to utahfutures.org now!

If you have further questions about how to navigate the UtahFutures website, please visit your counselor.